5 Tips for vacation with Friends

If you choose to vacation with friends, of course, you must pay attention to several things. Do not let the holidays make the relationships with your friends broke. It is not funny when the initial plan was to hang out with friends but instead fight happened during the holidays. The vacation will never become fun, instead, it will be boring.

There are some tips for vacation with friends that you can try to keep your traveling enjoyable:

1. Vacation Themes

The first thing to do is to determine the theme of the holiday. Are you going to the beach or the mountain? If vacationing at the beach, Patong beach is perfect for you. Patong beach is famous for its beauty. Not only that, there are many hotel accommodations there. One of which is Novotel Patong. This hotel is a 4-star hotel accommodation with complete facilities and affordable prices. For online bookings, you can book through the official Novotel website at https://www.novotelphuketvintagepark.com/.

2. Types of Holidays

After determining the theme of the holiday, then determine the type of vacation you want to do. Is it a backpacker or luxury vacation? A backpacker vacation will certainly have very different facilities and costs.

Everything must be well-discussed at the beginning. Do not let your friends complain because they have to stay at a hostel because they are not comfortable to sleep with other people around.

3. Determine the Joint Cost

These are the most important vacation tips with friends. Some friends might like to try various local foods so they want to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a local restaurant. However, some people prefer to bring supplies from home to be more efficient.

Some people might prefer to take a taxi rather than take a bus, so they don’t have to walk. But some people prefer to take the bus alone to save costs. All must be discussed from the beginning to obtain a pleasant solution for all parties.

4. Travel plans

Plan together every detail of your itinerary. Although friends entrust travel plans to be arranged by one person, but everyone should know in every detail in the itinerary.

Everyone wants to know what tourist attractions will be visited and public transportation that will be used. After all, this is a joint vacation and not a holiday with a travel tour.

5. Not everything must be done together

If there are some activities that a friend wants to do while another friend does not want to, it is okay. You need to respect that and still enjoy the holiday.

That’s all the 5 tips for vacation with friends. Hopefully, the holidays with friends run smoothly and everyone comes home with better memory and relationship.