One of the tasks of the IT division or system development in the company is to build applications according to company needs. Both in-house application development or using the services of external IT vendors. 

Let’s look at the points below, have you applied it before deciding to build an application for the company?

Main Purpose of Application

The first thing to think about is what is your purpose in building an application. Make sure everything is different. Don’t put all the data in the same application. As an example, employee attendance application and purchasing orders must have various developments because the fields used have different subjects. Make sure the purpose of the application is clearly defined at the beginning, to determine the needs of application development and what needs to be prepared.

The Technology Used

After determining the development objectives, we need to decide what technology to use. Is this application specifically designed for mobile, desktop only, or both? 

Database technology must also be ensured according to needs and budget, do you want to use Oracle or SQL Server? The operating system can be Windows or Linux, and data storage can be on-premise or use cloud services. Make sure you are using the right technology and can maximize the function of your application. Find out more and discuss this with your developers.

Resource or Vendor

The developer selection is also one of the important things. The best of other companies is not necessarily the best for your company. Development by the internal division must also be accompanied by a making proposal like an external vendor. Even though it is cost-effective, but don’t forget to consider it. Because it takes more time and that would disturb the stability of the company if your IT department is busy.

If you decide to use an external vendor, make a comparison by making a tender/pitching to find out the market price & quality needed. Also, make sure to make a work transparency agreement from the beginning so as not to be tricked by the sweet promises of the vendor, and avoid data leakage. If you are looking for a trusted vendor for making migration services applications from Enterprise workloads to multiple cloud ecosystems, Limepoint is the right choice. Visit the website at https://www.limepoint.com/migration-services.