A new suit is an investment and should be carefully considered. Here’s our ultimate suit buying guide.

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Get the fit right

Regardless of the price, quality or designer label, an ill-fitting suit will always look bad. Make sure you buy the right size by measuring yourself properly. This means taking the following measurements: neck, shoulders, chest, waist, seat, thigh, nape to waist, sleeve length, inside leg and height. Use these measurements against an online size guide. If you’re planning on trying suits on, then make sure of the following things; that the shoulder pads lie flat, the sleeves don’t reach further than the thumb joint, that the hem of the trousers ‘rests’ lightly on the shoe and that there is a fist’s worth of room between your middle and the jacket.

Choosing a slim suit

Slim-fitted suits are all the rage as demonstrated by style icons such as …

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